Vegan Rainbow Meals

21 Healthy Vegan Rainbow meals For Healthy Eating!

These colorful vegan rainbow meals are perfect for parties, Instagram, or anytime you want your meal to be a little more fun! They are also super healthy! Without any artificial dyes, you can have vibrant and aesthetic food. It’s the beauty of fruits and vegetables! These colorful plant-based meals are also great for getting picky eaters to eat more vegetables. The rainbow colors could attract anyone! Eat the rainbow! Try out one of these 15 colorful vegan recipes from our Food Monster App! They’re absolutely amazing!I have soups in almost every color of the rainbow, but these ones have them all!

21. Vegan Breakfast Burritos

 Vegan Breakfast Burritos

The best vegan breakfast burrito recipe made with scrambled tofu and homemade crispy potato hash. Meal prep and fill your freezer with a batch of these delicious burritos! With tofu cooked in homemade enchilada creamy cashew sauce (that tastes like vegan queso.) And crispy slow roasted hash. I kind of don’t even know how to express how incredible this recipe is. Several of you commented how hard it was to find vegan breakfast options that weren’t smoothies or oatmeal. While I love smoothies and oatmeal, everybody deserves to have some savory breakfast deliciousness in their lives! Enter the best vegan breakfast burritos ever: freezer friendly, packed full of huge flavor, and even gluten free if you use gluten free tortillas.
Get the recipe here.

20. Rainbow Salad

Rainbow Salad

This crunchy and simple rainbow salad is dairy free, gluten free, and perfect for a light meal or as a side, it’s healthy, delicious, and packed with nutrients! This tasty and simple rainbow salad is so easy to make and perfect for a light meal, a side dish, and to bring to a gathering. It’s crunchy and fresh, loaded with texture and flavor, and is gorgeous as it’s bursting with color. The salad actually only contains a handful of common ingredients aside from the dressing which is very easy to whip up as well! You can enjoy this deliciously refreshing salad on its own or amp it up with grilled chicken breast or baked salmon.
Get the recipe here.

19. One-Pot Vegan Chili Mac

One-Pot Vegan Chili Mac

Many people know of chili mac as just combining canned chili with boxed mac and cheese and done. Don’t get us wrong, it hits the spot when needed. However, this one-pot vegan chili mac and cheese is ready in just a couple extra minutes and the taste is out of this world. This is literally so much better than any box and can combo could be, plus you get to control all the ingredients. It’s a win win! This recipe is definitely one of those fall comfort meals that’s kid and Omni-friendly, so it’s a hit for everyone! Also, it’s super cheesy (vegan cheesy, of course) but it’s not made with any nuts, carrots, potatoes, etc.,
Get the recipe here.

18. Trippy Vegan Rainbow Pasta Salad

 Trippy Vegan Rainbow Pasta Salad

Today’s recipe is for a hippy-dippy Trippy Vegan Rainbow Pasta Salad. Now, a Rainbow Pasta Salad is just a Vegan Pasta Salad that is tripping balls on acid with a few of its vegetable friends. It’s just a bunch of vegetables chilling out in a bowl of pasta, enjoying life, and staring intently at the technicolored flashing Boy George poster that is hanging on the bedroom wall.
I do not speak from experience. I am also a liar. This is a no-fail recipe, so even if you have the IQ of a cockroach, I promise you that you can’t go wrong with this Vegan Rainbow Pasta Salad (I know his sentence probably offends the cockroach activists in the world – I am not sorry if you are butthurt by my comments). If you do fail at making this recipe for some reason, please do tell me – I would love to sigh and shake my head. 
Get the recipe here.

17. Vegan Sushi Bowl

. Vegan Sushi Bowl

This vegan sushi bowl is one of the easiest meals you can make! All the best flavours of sushi, without all the prep (and rolling)! If you make the rice in advance, it makes for great meal prep. Also options to sub brown rice or quinoa for more nutrition density! Cook rice by boiling 2 cups of water. When boiled, add rice and reduce to a simmer. Cook covered (about 30 minutes). If you want this to be cold – cook the night before!

While the rice is cooking, chop cucumbers, avocado, and carrots (use a julienne or spiralizer if desired). Defrost edamame (I did it in the microwave) When rice is cooked, stir in rice vinegar and maple syrup. You could also add some sesame oil for more flavor. Top with vegetables and garnish with nori, pickled ginger, and sesame seeds!
Get the recipe here.

16. BBQ Chickpea Salad Recipe

BBQ Chickpea Salad Recipe

Once upon a time, there was a salad that didn’t suck… and so it lived happily ever after… until I ate it. Muhahaha goodbye Salad! I love a good meal salad. I’m not talking about those lightly dressed greens on the side, I mean a hearty, satisfying, eat your veggies and lick your fingers kind of salad. This BBQ Chickpea Salad fits the bill. For any new vegan, I think using BBQ sauce or any other traditional “meat flavorings” (that sounds gross) on your food makes your meals more familiar and comforting. So BBQ sauce is a win-win. You get to pack in a rainbow of vegetable colors. You know that’s gonna be healthy by just looking at it. Eat the rainbow they say… no, not Skittles (although they are totally vegan).
Get the recipe here.

15. Vegan Rainbow Rolls

Vegan Rainbow Rolls

Refreshing and colorful salad wrapped in rice paper and two dipping sauces (peanut sauce and spicy hoisin sauce) to enjoy your vegan rainbow summer rolls! I’m not going to lie. I’m little (just a tiny bit) worried that I won’t be able to enjoy the 4th of July stuffing my face with hot dogs, hamburgers, and beer like I used to. If you are on the same boat as me, you can maybe bring my vegan rainbow summer rolls (with two sauces) to the party to enjoy with everyone. Plus, I don’t think anyone would mind (especially after bringing this yummy appetizer) grilling your vegan hot dogs and hamburgers. We can still enjoy this!!!
Get the recipe here.

14. Vegan Green Rice Bowls with Mango & Black Beans 

 Vegan Green Rice Bowls with Mango & Black Beans 

Beautiful vegan green rice bowls made with homemade green rice, black beans, and a rainbow of fruits and veggies. These vibrant green rice burrito bowls are delicious on their own or served with grilled chicken or fish. Truly the perfect meal prep lunch or dinner! If you’re obsessed with all of the fresh summer produce these days like I am, today’s recipe was truly made for you. After perfecting my homemade green rice recipe I found myself pairing it with fresh fruits and veggies to create the perfect vegan green rice bowls packed with flavor plant-based protein. These green rice burrito bowls are crunchy, a little sweet, a little spicy and so satisfying. Read the full post for all of my tips on adding proteins, dressings, and more to make them your own!
Get the recipe here.

13. Vegan Rainbow Tacos

Vegan Rainbow Tacos

These tacos are clean and colorful. Made with chickpeas and quinoa with lots of fresh vegs, wrapped in a corn tortilla or hard-shell corn taco. Craving tacos? Well, I have a recipe for you! Introducing my HEALTHY VEGAN RAINBOW MeaTACOS. So, these aren’t the typical black bean burritos that come to mind when we think “Taco Night,” but I love these tacos because they are so fresh, clean, and colorful. These rainbow tacos, however, take all that we love about taco night and give it a healthy spin. Made with turmeric quinoa, carrot, tomato, cabbage, green onion, chickpeas, cilantro, and avocados they are a clean and lean choice. It’s a healthy vegan recipe if I ever saw one! But just because they’re healthy doesn’t mean they compromise on taste – although I like to eat healthily, I refuse to do it blandly. 
Get the recipe here.

12. Rainbow Veggie Skewers 

Rainbow Veggie Skewers 

Outdoors > Indoors, at least during these warm months. This means that my grill and I have been spending lots of time together lately. This means that my latest rainbow creation is one that you can sizzle up alongside your summer steaks or chicken or tofu or what have you. Yes, feel free to roll your eyes, but I went colorful again and was very happy with the outcome — Rainbow Veggie Skewers! I had picked up some colorful peppers and summer squash at the market and was going to skewer them up at the last minute for a gathering with my neighbors. But then I realized I already had my red, orange, yellow and green. So come on, I absolutely must finish out the rainbow with some purple!
Get the recipe here.

11. Vegan Rice Bowls with Sunshine Sauce 

 Vegan Rice Bowls with Sunshine Sauce 

These healthy vegan rice bowls are brimming with delicious roasted veggies and chickpeas and topped with a luscious and bright lemon-turmeric sunshine sauce. This easy plant-based rice bowl recipe is one of my favorites for a simple but satisfying dinner with lots of vibrant flavors – and I’m sure you’ll love it, too! Vegan rice bowls are loaded with bold flavors that leave you wanting more with every bite. My plant-based recipe includes tender roasted cauliflower and sweet potatoes, plus yummy and super healthy chickpeas. But what makes this dish next-level amazing is the Sunshine Sauce… A creamy, slightly sweet, and tangy rice bowl sauce made with vegan yogurt, lemon, and lots of vibrant spices. One taste and you’ll be like, “oh, THAT’S why it’s called ‘sunshine’ sauce!”
Get the recipe here.

10. Vegan Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Vegan Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Vegan Loaded Sweet Potatoes are baked and then loaded with Mexican spiced black beans and topped with fresh scallions and guacamole! Sweet potatoes are a vegan staple! They are packed with nutrition, and they taste amazing! They are also perfect for meal prepping or Vegan Rainbow meals for healthy eating! This is such a simple meal you can make, with less than 20 minutes of hands-on time! The part that takes the longest is baking the sweet potatoes, but that’s a rather simple process. These loaded vegan potatoes are packed with black beans, tomatoes, corn, onions, and spices, then topped with creamy avocado, and scallions.
Get the recipe here.

9. Rainbow Vegetarian Pad Thai with Peanuts and Basil

 Rainbow Vegetarian Pad Thai with Peanuts and Basil

Fast and easy? Adaptable? Simple? Delicious? That’s this vegetarian pad, Thai. Here we are again, just me and my big bowl-o-noodles… and a few veggies, and a lot of sauce, and a handful of fresh basil and cilantro….  a fork, a hungry mouth, a heart-eyes emoji… ugh. This reunion with me and cooking could not get any happier. This Rainbow Vegetarian Pad Thai is first and foremost RAINBOW, which is the only fun way to eat anything in life. It is brown rice noodles, spiralized veggies (because veggies in noodle form feel like more noodles), a super tangy-delicious Pad Thai sauce that you just shake up in a jar in about five seconds flat, and peanuts that almost instantly start to soak up the sauce, and a gently scrambled egg that kind of cream-if the whole thing.
Get the recipe here.

8. Rainbow Spring Rolls with Ginger Peanut Sauce

 Rainbow Spring Rolls with Ginger Peanut Sauce

Fresh spring rolls (also known as gỏi cuốn or summer rolls) are a common Vietnamese dish, but the concept is believed to have originated in China. It’s thought that they may be a modification of Chinese egg rolls, but with Vietnamese flavors. They are typically made with fresh vegetables, herbs, and protein that are wrapped in rehydrated rice paper and served with a dipping sauce. Spring rolls are great, but peanut sauce* elevates them to AMAZING! For some extra kick, I added some freshly grated ginger – a throwback to my Veggie & Rice Noodle Bowl days- and the result is a perfectly salty-sweet sauce with some zing. I’m in love.
Get the recipe here.

7. Rainbow Salsa

One-Pot Vegan Chili Mac

Ironically, I’d actually been meaning to try making a rainbow salsa of some sort for the blog this summer. So I decided to take some inspiration from Stacey and whip up a second batch to give to some neighbors as a Cinco de Mayo gift before leaving town. It was vibrant, it was easy, it was healthy, and good grief — it was GOOD. This salsa is one of my favorite Vegan Rainbow recipes that are great for healthy eating. In order to hit up all of the colors of the rainbow, I decided to go with more of a black-bean-and-corn Southwestern salsa. (Which I later came to find is known in the south as Cowboy Caviar or something like that. This Kansas girl had no idea!) The base of my version was decided simply by going to the farmer’s market and gathering as many colorful veggies as possible. 
Get the recipe here.

6. Vegan Rainbow Falafel Wrap Recipe

Vegan Rainbow Falafel Wrap Recipe

Yes, these are my tri-colored and nutrition-packed vegan rainbow falafel wrapped in pita Pockets. When I first created the falafel lettuce wrap, I kind of fell in love with these tiny bite-size baked fritters. Spicy falafels wrapped in crispy cool lettuce leaves and served with summery tomato salad and creamy sriracha sauce are a combination match-made in heaven. Now I have another falafel wrap recipe, which is vegan rainbow falafel wrapped in rustic wholewheat pita pockets and topped with fresh salads and my very popular two-minute avo dressing.
Get the recipe here.

5. Vegan Veggie Rainbow Wraps

Vegan Veggie Rainbow Wraps

Festive, fresh, bright, crispy veggies rolled up in soft spinach tortillas with vegan herbed cream cheese. Celebrate every day! Party food should be delicious and fun! Why not make it nutritious too? Who could resist noshing on these beautiful, bountiful, bundles of veggie goodness? Vegan Veggie Rainbow Wraps are perfect for St Patrick’s Day parties, Pride events, Mardi Gras, birthdays, and gallery openings. Loaded with colorful crisp fresh veggies and yummy vegan cheese spread, they’re a fun, delicious, and nutritious starter that will catch the attention of adults and kids alike. Just be sure to make a bunch of them, because they’ll be gobbled up fast!
Get the recipe here.

4. Asian Rainbow Chickpea Tacos

Asian Rainbow Chickpea Tacos

These are not your average tacos, we are blowing it up with an ultra-flavorful East meets West twist! These healthy Asian Rainbow Chickpea Tacos are so flippin’ delicious with feel-good ingredients bathed in amazingly bold Asian sauce, all piled high on a tasty tortilla; it just can’t be beaten. Hearty chickpeas, zesty red onions, crisp red bell peppers, sweet carrots, and nourishing kale come together in the most flavorful way. This dish is sure to have the whole family seated at the table in a flash. Whole Food Plant-Based, vegan, plant-based, oil free, refined sugar free, gluten free, no highly processed ingredients.
Get the recipe here.

3. Sheet Pan Peanut Sauce Tofu & Veggies

Sheet Pan Peanut Sauce Tofu & Veggies

Sheet Pan Peanut Sauce Tofu & Veggies – a 30-minute meal that is nutty, slightly sweet and spicy, and packed with both flavor and a rainbow of veggies! This is our ideal dinner situation: a flavor-packed, nutty, slightly sweet, and spicy peanut sauce gets tossed with a rainbow of veggies and tofu then baked until the edges are crispy, the sauce is sticky, and dinner couldn’t be more perfect. All on a single sheet pan in 30 minutes flat. Spoon this over rice, and hit it with an extra drizzle of sauce, a few squeezes of lime, some crunchy peanut toppers, and a scattering of cilantro. Move over every other dinner ever, Sheet Pan Peanut Sauce Tofu & Veggies is here!
Get the recipe here.

2. Vegan Rainbow Sushi Rolls

Vegan Rainbow Sushi Rolls

Let’s start with the sushi rice. It is a short-grain rice that cooks relatively fast and it’s nice a sticky. If you prefer to eat brown rice, you can alternatively substitute the sushi rice for short grain brown rice which is also super delicious. Next, you will need some nori sheets aka seaweed. It is made from red algae that are dried and toasted. Since we are making vegan sushi, the nori really provides that fishy flavor. Nori sheets are relatively easy to find at the grocery store these days.

Of course, sushi can not be consumed without some sort of dipping sauce, primarily Soy Sauce. When I would frequent my local sushi spot before I was vegan, I was obsessed with spicy mayo. I would drizzle it on everything. Since going whole food plant based, I was determined to come up with a spicy mayo replacement and I think I did it. My vegan oil-free spicy mayo is the perfect combo of creamy and spicy.
Get the recipe here.

1. Vegan Rainbow Pinwheels

Vegan Rainbow Pinwheels

These fresh and colorful Rainbow Veggie Pinwheels are a delicious no-cook meal. Choose your favorite veggies or let everyone make their own for a fun snack or meal. Vegan Pinwheels are a fun appetizer too. The best part, in my opinion, of these Veggie Pinwheels is that you can get a lot of veggie variety in a couple of bites. The second best part is that everyone can make their own so you get your favorite veggies! You can use any veggies you like to make these Veggie Pinwheels but I like to use all the colors of the rainbow! These are the complete opposite of the meat and cheese versions I made a decade ago. I called those tortilla roll ups and they were a staple for potlucks and after school snacks. These are a much better alternative, full of fiber and actually good for you! 
Get the recipe here.

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