Alcoholic Popsicles

21 Amazing Alcoholic Popsicle Recipes For Holidays!

Fresh-from-the-freezer Alcoholic Popsicle Recipes are the perfect adult treats to satisfy your popsicle cravings, beat the summer heat, and have some tipsy fun in the process. As if you needed any more reasons to have fun this summer, but let’s face it: there’s nothing greater than enjoying cool homemade alcohol popsicle recipes on a hot day. Whether you plan to throw an indoor bash or outdoor BBQ, these adult ice popsicles will surely add color to the day. Try Tequila Sunrise Freezer Pops, Strawberry Mango Gin and Tonic Boozy Popsicles, Bourbon White Peach Popsicles, Sangria Pops, and more, to let the party begin!

21. Raspberry Mango Wine Popsicles

Raspberry Mango Wine Popsicles

Raspberry mango wine popsicles are a delightfully refreshing, adults-only treat. Perfect for hot summer days, BBQs, or no special reason at all. There is nothing better on a hot day than an ice-cold popsicle. The frozen, fruity kind that can distract you from the intense pounding heat of the day. With temperatures rising into the nineties and creeping closer and closer to triple digits it’s time to dust off some of my favorite alcoholic popsicle recipes and share them with you. I’m kicking off this summer series with these raspberry mango wine popsicles. The tartness of the raspberry balances with the sweetness of the mango for a fun flavor sensation. They also look pretty, even if it was an accident!
Get the recipe here.

20. Easy Boozy Screwdriver Popsicle Recipe

Easy Boozy Screwdriver Popsicle Recipe

I decided to continue the spree we have been on with adult popsicles with this week’s Alcoholic Adult Screwdriver Popsicle Recipe. I figure that we should be able to enjoy an adult beverage that is also an icy cold dessert and so refreshing. It is way too hot to think about anything but popsicles and relaxing in the shade. Who says kids are the only ones to enjoy Popsicle this summer! Whip up a batch of these alcoholic popsicle recipes and life is so good! Have you seen our other boozy popsicles? This is the summer of fun and why not include a few adult popsicles in the mix. LOL!
Get the recipe here.

19. Alcoholic Popsicles – Jack and Coke Boozy Popsicles

Alcoholic Popsicles - Jack and Coke Boozy Popsicles

How about some refreshing boozy alcoholic popsicle recipes? These Jack and Coke popsicles are the perfect Summer treat or frozen treats to enjoy any time of the year. Easy and simple 3 ingredient boozy popsicles. Make homemade Jack and Cokes popsicles that will please any crowd (over 21 of course). These boozy popsicles are super delicious and great to enjoy sitting by the pool, for parties, and just a refreshing and yummy treat. Simple alcohol recipe you will want to make today. Frozen alcoholic drink recipe for the most amazing popsicles.
Get the recipe here.

18. Raspberry Gin Fizz Boozy Popsicles

Raspberry Gin Fizz Boozy Popsicles

These Raspberry Gin Fizz Boozy Popsicles are icy cold, refreshing, fruity and sweet with a hint of mint, a boozy gin touch, and pops of whole, fabulously fresh raspberries. Spectacular in taste and pretty to boot, these poptails are the perfect way to celebrate summer! Did you faint with excitement? I know I personally have a napkin tucked into the front of my shirt, ready to eat ALL the popsicles in ALL the flavors. Sticky hands are damned. Be sure to popsicle party it up with us. These boozy popsicles are all sorts of awesome and perfect for summer, friends. I mean, a cocktail in frozen popsicle form? Yaaaahs. All-day long.
Get the recipe here.

17. Bloody Mary Popsicles

Bloody Mary Popsicles

Right now, happiness is coming in the form of a popsicle filled with alcohol. How age and weather appropriate indeed! The thought then hit me the other day, “What would happen if I put my favorite adult beverage into popsicle form??” Do you know what I found? Heaven, that’s what. Make these Bloody Mary popsicles tonight! So while the days of summer are filled with popsicle-stained faces running around the park, make your own adult version of this summertime classic. A Bloody Mary popsicle is just what every adult needs to feel like they are being transported back to the days of carefree living.
Get the recipe here.

16. Blackberry Mojito Popsicles

Blackberry Mojito Popsicles

Drink your cocktail and eat it too with a refreshing recipe for Blackberry Mojito Popsicles! School may be in session in a few short weeks, but that doesn’t mean we can’t live out the glory days of summer with all the frosty treats on a stick we can imagine. Whether it’s a creamy fro-yo pop with a not-so-secret ingredient or a sippable slushie with a touch of booze, one thing is certain: August calls for no-cook snacks.

Made with just five simple ingredients, this boozy ice popsicle recipe is more of a template that would allow you to sub in whatever fruit suits your fancy (strawberries, raspberries, peaches, etc.).
Get the recipe here.

15. Nectarine Boozy Bellini Popsicles

Nectarine Boozy Bellini Popsicles

With a little tweaking, I’m confident these alcoholic popsicle recipes or boozy popsicle recipes would be perfect for a warm summer day at a barbeque or brunch, so I’m posting them anyways with a couple of words of caution for my readers. Hopefully, yours turn out better than mine. My idea was to use the nectarines in my fridge and do a popsicle version of a bellini. Bellinis are like mimosas, except instead of orange juice, you use peach puree. Nectarines, apricots, peaches…any of these would work great, or you could try a combination of all three! I peeled and sliced them up and then sprinkled them with a little sugar. I think the sugar was probably unnecessary, so leave it or omit it, whatever you like. 
Get the recipe here.

14. Orange Dreamsicle Alcoholic Popsicles 

Orange Dreamsicle Alcoholic Popsicles 

Are you as obsessed with the alcoholic popsicle recipes as I am? You can buy them at Costco and other retailers this season, but it’s just as easy to make your own! I made this easy recipe for boozy popsicles with Whipped Orange Cream flavored Jackson Morgan Southern Cream so you can make your own alcoholic popsicles in just a few hours! Boozy popsicles are the perfect summer treat while lounging by the pool or on your patio. These Dreamsicle-flavored alcoholic ice pops will bring back memories of the popular childhood treat!
Get the recipe here.

13. Strawberry Lime Popsicle Spritzer

Strawberry Lime Popsicle Spritzer

This Strawberry Lime Popsicle Spritzer recipe is the perfect strawberry lime mocktail or strawberry lime vodka cocktail for your afternoon refreshment! Okay, so I’ve officially found my new favorite mocktail. I mean, you could totally jazz it up if you want, but hello, I’m thoroughly in love with this Strawberry Lime popsicle sticks Cocktail Spritzer just as it is. Super cold, lightly sweet, and incredibly refreshing.  Also, it’s kind of beautiful. There are only three ingredients and I feel confident that anyone who likes the combo of strawberry and lime juice will appreciate this one.
Get the recipe here.

12. Watermelon Mint Moscow Mule Boozy Popsicles

Watermelon Mint Moscow Mule Boozy Popsicles

Have you tried alcoholic popsicle recipes yet? We were obsessed from the moment we made wine slushie popsicles and these watermelon mint Moscow mule popsicles just furthered the obsession! I put a few slices of fresh watermelon in the sleeves before pouring in the liquid which gives them the perfect amount of watermelon flavor and adds some texture too. You could add crushed mint leaves as well if you want. The extra watermelon pieces also help give the popsicles the fun pink color you see in the photos. My father doesn’t like “chunky” popsicles though so I leave them out of his.
Get the recipe here.

11. Raspberry-Peach Bellini Popsicles

Raspberry-Peach Bellini Popsicles

Raspberry Peach Bellini Popsicles – the most delicious boozy popsicles! Peaches, raspberries, and sparkling wine! They’re really simple to make, too. Just purée some frozen raspberries with Prosecco (or other white sparkling wine) and fill about ⅓ of the popsicle mold. And then purée some frozen peaches with more Prosecco and fill the rest of the popsicle mold. Freeze until firm and then serve! To make the peach layer, purée peaches, Prosecco, and sugar in a blender until very smooth. Pour peach mixture over raspberry mixture to fill molds. Cover and insert sticks. Freeze until firm, at least 4 hours. Dip molds briefly in hot water to release popsicles.
Get the recipe here.

10. Peach Raspberry Sangria Popsicles Recipe

Peach Raspberry Sangria Popsicles Recipe

These Peach Raspberry Sangria Popsicles are going to knock your socks off on the way to flavor town. We are talking FRESH peaches, fruity white wine, and delicious red raspberries. Seriously, the fruit we’ve been getting lately is AHmazing, perfect for these sangria popsicles. This Sangria Popsicles recipe will make enough to fill 8 frozen pop molds. Enough to give you a week’s worth of boozy popsicle treats, or to share at a party. These alcoholic popsicle recipes are super simple to make with your blender so you can whip them up anytime!
Get the recipe here.

9. Watermelon-Blackberry Margarita Popsicles

Watermelon-Blackberry Margarita Popsicles

There’s more than one way to drink a Margarita. That is evident from the classic serves: up, on the rocks, or frozen. But, as it turns out, you don’t even have to drink the cocktail at all—you can eat it. Look no further than these Watermelon-Blackberry Margarita Popsicles, which turn this all-time favorite beverage into a solid, icy treat. The invigorating combination is hydrating and delicious, pairing the classic powerhouse trio of tequila, orange liqueur, and lime with sweet melon and tart berries. Be sure to use Blanco tequila, which lends the popsicles a fresh, sweet agave note, rather than the oaky vanilla and caramel notes you’ll find in aged varieties.
Get the recipe here.

8. Raspberry Peach Champagne Popsicles

Raspberry Peach Champagne Popsicles

As soon as I got my alcoholic popsicle recipes, I knew the first popsicle I wanted to make had to be champagne based. There is something so refreshing about a cold glass of champagne in the summertime. I like to buy the small four-packs of champagne, so I can enjoy a fresh glass every once in a while. It’s high time for an adult version of the fizzy fruit shake popsicles. I have been making lots of peach desserts lately. My favorite thing to pair with peaches is raspberries. I love the contrasting flavors of tart versus sweet. A Raspberry Peach Champagne Popsicle sounded good to me!
Get the recipe here.

7. Blue Lagoon Cocktail Popsicles

Blue Lagoon Cocktail Popsicles

Nothing quenches summer’s heat better than Blue Lagoon Cocktail Popsicles! The color alone takes the edge off, doesn’t it? Mocktail version included. A Blue Lagoon cocktail is a combination of blue curacao, vodka, and lemonade. It’s light and refreshing in the most fabulous shade of bright blue! The color of these Blue Lagoon Cocktail popsicles is simply irresistible, refreshing, and perfect for summer! Like the cocktail, it combines blue curacao and lemonade. However, instead of vodka (vodka popsicles), I’ve added more ‘blue’ in Hawaiian Punch.
Get the recipe here.

6. Summertime Champagne Popsicle Recipe

Summertime Champagne Popsicle Recipe

This champagne popsicle recipe has been my constant companion as of late, satisfying my sweet tooth while keeping me cool. This recipe is one of my favorite alcoholic popsicle recipes because it can be personalized and changed based on preference. While I adore it made with strawberries and raspberries, it is equally as delicious when substituted with fresh peaches and blueberries. I imagine one could even make a holiday version with pomegranate seeds. What a fun seasonal treat! These delicious champagne popsicles make both a fabulous personal treat as well as a wonderful option for summertime entertaining. They are easy to make, can be prepared well in advance, and are guaranteed to please even your pickiest of guests.
Get the recipe here.

5. Rosé Sangria Popsicles

Rosé Sangria Popsicles

With summer in full swing and temperatures on the rise, let’s cool down and celebrate with Sangria Rosé Popsicles! These alcoholic popsicle recipes are a delicious wine-based treat that is the perfect way to unwind and chill out on a hot summer day. I wanted to create a fun and delicious way to cool down on a hot summer day. When I was thinking about possible recipe ideas, the first thing that came to mind was a sangria-based popsicle. Sangria is one of my favorite summertime treats, so it could only get exponentially better when frozen on a stick, right? One of the things I love about popsicles is that you can use almost any liquid you love, add a stick, and freeze it, and you’ve got a popsicle. Making popsicles at home might seem complicated or out of reach, but it’s truly that simple.|
Get the recipe here.

4. Pear and Prosecco Popsicles

Pear and Prosecco Popsicles

I’m sharing a recipe for pear and Prosecco popsicles that are a breeze to make, oh, so delicious, and a fun way to impress your guests for any gatherings you’ve got coming up too! Oscar party anyone? Prosecco is a sparkling wine traditionally made in the Veneto region of Italy. It’s made using Prosecco (or Glera) grapes. Some of the primary flavor profiles in Prosecco can include green apple, honeydew melon, pear, honeysuckle, and even fresh cream! Interesting stuff, right? So now that you know your bubbly, let’s get to the good stuff…the popsicles! 
Get the recipe here.

3. Miami Vice Mocktail Popsicles

Miami Vice Mocktail Popsicles

The best Miami vice mocktail popsicles! Half strawberry daiquiri half pina colada! These are tropical, lava flows popsicles that everyone can enjoy since they are non-alcoholic. I LOVE shooting Popsicles! Yes, they can be very messy, melt within minutes, and you must work fast, but they are gorgeous! And I also love eating popsicles. I’ll let you know that I am a sucker for bomb pops, those are my favorite store bought ones. I wish they made a full popsicle from just the white part of the bomb pop – that’s the best layer!!
Get the recipe here.

2. Coconut Rum Pineapple Popsicles

Coconut Rum Pineapple Popsicles

These delicious and refreshing pineapple popsicles are packed with yummy tropical flavors, like coconut and rum…yum! It’s such an easy popsicle recipe too! These alcoholic popsicle recipes are perfect for hot summer days and cool summer parties. I saw this amazing pineapple and watermelon popsicle mold and I was so excited to create Pineapple Coconut Rum boozy summer pops in them! How charming is that pineapple shape?! They would be perfect for a summer pineapple garden party! They work really well too and you can play around with different ingredients to create delicious tropical flavors! 
Get the recipe here.

1. Dragon Fruit Margarita Popsicles

Dragon Fruit Margarita Popsicles - Alcoholic Popsicle Recipes

So, if there has ever been Monday begging for a margarita, today is that Monday. And I’m doing margarita Monday with a twist! Margarita popsicles! With dragon fruit! In all its electric-neon magenta glory, dragon fruit has taken the food world by storm these past couple of years. I buy the frozen dragon fruit packs (also known as pataya) in the freezing point section of the grocery store and I add them to smoothies and cocktails on the reg. They are chock-full of healthy antioxidants (which totally means margaritas are OK for a Monday, right?) and add the most exciting color to everything you make. SO fun!
Get the recipe here.

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