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21 Delicious Chia Seed Recipes For Meal Prep!

Chia seeds are tiny but extremely nutritious. Just 2 tablespoons (30 grams) contain 10 grams of fiber, 5 grams of protein, and 138 calories (1Trusted Source). They’re a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and some minerals essential for bone health, including calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Chia seeds are also flavorless, making them easy to add to many foods and breakfast recipes. Here are 21 fun ways to make chia seed recipes. 

21. Chocolate Chia Bliss Balls

Chocolate Chia Bliss Balls

Fudgy, chocolatey, and delicious, these healthy Chocolate Chia Bliss Balls are vegan and paleo! And you only need just FOUR ingredients and a few minutes to make these healthy treats. Striking a balance between eating healthy and satisfying that sweet tooth is always an interesting challenge. Chocolate to me is what kryptonite is to Superman! So while finding that sweet spot between healthy and indulgent can be tricky, I’m always on the lookout for a solution.
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20. Chia Banana Smoothie

Chia Banana Smoothie

This tasty Chia Banana Smoothie is filled with budget-friendly and healthy ingredients.  A banana yogurt smoothie makes a filling on-the-go breakfast or a perfect 3 pm pick-me-up.  A chia smoothie recipe is so deliciously creamy and thick it could pass as a chia shake! When you’re looking for an easy breakfast or an afternoon snack, it’s hard to go past this Chia Banana Smoothie. Filled with budget-friendly and healthy ingredients that will keep you full for hours.
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19. Blood Orange Chia Pudding

Blood Orange Chia Pudding

This fresh and light Blood Orange Chia Pudding makes the perfect breakfast or healthy snack and is vegan, paleo, dairy-free, and Whole30 compliant!  I wanted to try my hand at one. And since blood oranges are so pretty, I choose to use those. This recipe is super simple and has only a handful of ingredients. If you have never made chia pudding you are in for a treat. The chia seed recipes do all the work for you and you just have to wait it out. 
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18. Dragon Fruit Chia Pudding

Dragon Fruit Chia Pudding

This Gluten-Free Vegan Pitaya Dragon Fruit Chia Pudding is an easy and healthy recipe made with only 5 clean, real food ingredients and can be prepared in about 5 minutes! If a quick + easy breakfast is what you’re looking for, then these Chia Seed recipes are for you! And, if you’re looking to incorporate nutrient-dense, healing foods, then it’s even better. This sweet superfruit is not only beautiful but a critical ingredient in healing the liver. It helps your liver to produce cells to regenerate the liver and slows down liver aging.
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17. Chia Seed Nut Clusters

Chia Seed Nut Clusters

In an effort to stop mindless snacking I’ve portioned these chia seed nut clusters into little cookie sizes rather than something like a dry mix you can keep grabbing handfuls of. Grab one, close the container, and move on with your day. You’ll feel good about what you ate and feel full longer. Try them out and let me know what you think! An important thing to remember too is you need to use raw nuts. Most roasted nuts have lost some nutrition and contain added salt and oils. 
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16. Yogurt Power Bowl With Chia Seeds

Yogurt Power Bowl With Chia Seeds

This chia yogurt bowl is packed with fiber, low in sugar, and is the perfect breakfast to fuel you for the day! This chia yogurt power bowl recipe is one of our favorite things to prep at the beginning of the week. We love having this healthy, fibrous, nutrient-dense snack on hand at all times. The consistency is similar to chia seed pudding, but it tastes more like yogurt and we’re obsessed. 
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15. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Chia Pudding

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Chia Pudding

This peanut butter chocolate chia pudding combines two of the best ever flavors for healthy Chia Seed recipes that need only 6 ingredients and takes only 5 minutes to prepare. The perfect pairing of chocolate and peanut butter is just delicious with superfood chia seeds, and this quick and easy dessert recipe is naturally vegan and paleo. This delicious chocolate chia pudding couldn’t be any easier to make! Stir all the ingredients together until totally smooth. Chill at least 4 hours or overnight. Serve with chopped peanuts and shaved chocolate. 
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14. Pumpkin Chia Muffins Recipe

Pumpkin Chia Muffins Recipe

These Pumpkin Chia Seed Muffins are dairy-free yet super moist, light, and fluffy. Ground chia seeds give them a silky texture and pack in lots of nutrients! I’ve found that pumpkin is super easy to sneak into things. Baked goods, pasta sauces… I even mix it with applesauce and she’s none the wiser. Since she’s pretty much-eating everything I eat now, I wanted to make us some healthy breakfast treats. Pumpkin muffins are the perfect excuse to add a little veggie to the day.
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13. Chia Fresca

Chia Fresca

Learn how to make Chia Fresca at home! This quick and easy chia drink recipe is the perfect healthy hydration beverage. Made with just chia seeds, lime juice, honey, and a pinch of salt, it’s a natural energy drink you can pull off in a matter of minutes. Chia Fresca is actually nothing new. Legend has it that ancient Aztec warriors in Mexico would use chia seeds to keep their energy up for long periods. Mixing chia seed recipes with water is like a homemade all-natural energy drink!
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12. Blueberry Chia Pancakes

Blueberry Chia Pancakes

These Blueberry Chia Seed Pancakes couldn’t be simpler! Made with whole wheat flour and Greek yogurt, they’re light, fluffy, and full of fiber thanks to the addition of chia seeds. There is nothing special about these Chia Seed recipes except for the fact that thanks to the addition of chia seeds, we can call them chia seed pancakes. THAT’S BASICALLY IT. But they’re fluffy and topped with lemon yogurt and blueberries. 
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11. Lemon Chia Seed Muffins

 Lemon Chia Seed Muffins

These Lemon Chia Seed Muffins are the perfect spring breakfast! They’re sweet and tart, and chia seeds give them an extra boost of fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids! Just like Lemon Poppy Seed, but so much better! And adding pudding mix to the batter makes them extra soft and fluffy, plus it adds a little extra lemon flavor! Chia seeds are pretty amazing little guys. I first started hearing about them in smoothie and oatmeal recipes. And, honestly… I just didn’t love those. It was like seed overload in my food! 
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10. Chia Hemp Seed Oatmeal Cookies

Chia Hemp Seed Oatmeal Cookies

Chia Hemp Seed Oatmeal Cookies have a healthy twist with the addition of chia, hemp seed, and multigrain flour. The combination of chia and hemp seeds with multigrain flour adds a nice crunch to these oatmeal cookies. These Chia Seed recipes have a great crunch to them, yet, they are still soft and chewy.  I have also made a gluten-free version of these cookies. Some great additions to these cookies are dried cranberries, raisins, chocolate chips, nuts, cinnamon chips, or any kind of dried fruit.
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9. 2-ingredient Chia Seed jam recipe No sugar

2-ingredient Chia Seed jam recipe No sugar

Learn how to make keto chia jam with 2 simple ingredients! This EASY sugar-free strawberry jam recipe is sweet, thick, and just 2g of sugar per serving. You’d never guess this is a keto jam recipe! It has all of the flavors of regular jam, without the added sugar and carbs. This sugar-free strawberry jam is thickened with chia seeds, which gives it great texture as well as a nutrition boost. And best of all, you can make this chia seed jam with just TWO ingredients.
Get the recipe here.

8. Delicious Chia Seed Banana Bread

Chia Seed Banana Bread

Delicious Chia Seed Banana Bread Recipe – super moist and loaded with the delicious sweet flavor of mashed bananas and chia seeds. This Easy Banana Bread Recipe is ridiculously delicious!  What a delicious way to use all of those ripe bananas. To boost the banana bread recipe with more nutrition I love to add more than 3 teaspoons of chia seeds.  It is high in fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and Omega-3. The Chia Seeds taste like poppy seeds when baked inside the banana bread. Who could have thought that Banana Bread with Chia Seeds can taste this GOOD!
Get the recipe here.

7. Chia Seed Berry Coconut Smoothie Bowl

7. Chia Seed Berry Coconut Smoothie Bowl

The Chia seed smoothie bowl is delicious and healthy! Chia seeds make smoothies healthier, and help keep you full longer. Tips on how to add chia to any smoothie. For an additional morning boost or a midday pick-me-up, I’ll turn to this easy Chia Seed Berry Coconut Smoothie Bowl. Sometimes it’s best to just keep it all simple, and this chia smoothie is definitely that. Minimal ingredients usually mean you can be picky about the quality of your ingredients as well. I use almond milk in this chia seed smoothie, so it is vegan and dairy-free. You can use a different milk alternative or even regular milk.
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6. No-Bake Energy Balls With Chia Seed

No-Bake Energy Balls With Chia Seed

These balls are loaded with oats, shredded coconut, chia seeds, vanilla, honey, peanut butter, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and flax seeds. In other words, you can call these balls a healthy, protein-packed breakfast or snack. What could be a better way to pack some real good power and vigor which can carry you through a hectic morning than these — no-bake energy balls. These Chia Seed recipes are full of oats and chia and some more good things. Similar to these oat and chia energy balls there is also this delicious peanut laddoo recipe which makes a healthy and delicious energy-boosting breakfast.
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5. Chia Seed Pudding Parfait

Chia Seed Pudding Parfait

Chia Pudding Parfaits are an easy and healthy breakfast to grab in the morning. Stir together chia seeds, milk, and sweetener of your choice and refrigerate until thick and creamy. Add your favorite toppings in the morning and dig into the delicious and healthy parfait. The first time I made this chia pudding I couldn’t believe how easy and quick it was.  Stir and sit.  That’s it. No fancy equipment or kitchen tools are needed to achieve a healthy meal.
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4. Quinoa Chia Seed Protein Bars

Quinoa Chia Seed Protein Bars

These Quinoa Chia Seed Protein Bars make the perfect healthy breakfast or snack. They hold up well and are perfect to take when you are on the go! As someone who is always on the lookout for convenient forms of plant-based protein, the one thing I have struggled to find time and time again was a good-tasting, all-natural protein bar that didn’t contain all of the unnecessary sweeteners, gluten, or dairy found in most store-bought brands.
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3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Seed Granola Bars

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Seed Granola Bars

These yummy chocolate peanut butter flavored protein granola bars are jam-packed with superfoods such as chia seed, flaxseed, and hemp hearts. They are made with vegan protein making them dairy-free and vegan. They are also gluten-free and have low in FODMAP. You can also use puffed quinoa or puffed brown rice as a replacement. Note that both amaranth and quinoa are now considered high FODMAP, so brown rice maybe your best option for low FODMAP.
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2. Easy 3-Ingredient Chia Seed Strawberry Jam

Easy 3-Ingredient Chia Seed Strawberry Jam

This Easy 3-Ingredient Chia Seed Strawberry Jam is the perfect healthy alternative to conventional jam! It’s made with 3 healthy, natural, whole-food ingredients and it’s quick and easy to make! This Easy 3-Ingredient Chia Seed Strawberry Jam is made from only 3 ingredients: Strawberries, Chia Seeds, and Honey! That’s it! No refined sugar, no gelatin, no pectin. Just healthy, simple ingredients packed with nutrition. The chia seeds do all the hard work of creating a jam-like texture, and the honey brings just enough sweetness.
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1. Chia Avocado Healthy Chocolate Mousse

Chia Avocado Healthy Chocolate Mousse

The healthy chocolate mousse that’s packed FULL of nutritious ingredients and deliciousness? Yes, please! A light dessert with avocado, chia seeds, coconut milk, and dark chocolate that tastes super decadent. Pretty much every night, I eat a couple of my favorite truffles with a cup of hot tea. But lately, I’ve been whipping up this delectable chocolate mousse as a healthier alternative. It’s totally guilt-free and healthy!
Get the recipe here.

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