Summer Drink Recipes

21 Delicious Summer Drink Recipes That You Will Love!

Summer is going on and we need some cool and satisfying drinks to refresh ourselves. Here I share some delicious and easy to make summer drink recipes that are ready in just under 15 minutes to prepare. Make these drinks and enjoy the summer!

21. Pineapple Rum Slush

Pineapple Rum Slush

Pineapple rum slush is a smooth, frozen, and delicious alcoholic drink made with only 3 ingredients, perfect for summer.
Get the recipe here.

20. Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita

Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita

This pineapple jalapeno margarita is just yummy, loaded with juicy pineapples, spicy jalapeno. The combination of sweet and spicy make this drink so delicious!
Get the recipe here.

19. Magic Galaxy Squash 

Magic Galaxy Squash

This magic galaxy squash is so colorful, bright, looks like a galaxy, and loaded with dark blue, purple, pink. This drink is frozen butterfly pea flower tea and rosella tea mixed with lime lemon soda, perfect for hot summer!
Get the recipe here.

18. Cotton Candy Margarita

Cotton Candy Margarita

Cotton candy margarita is a fun and cute drink, easy to make at home for any parties or holidays, and one of my best summer drink recipes you need to try.
Get the recipe here.

17. Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade

Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade

The combination of mango and dragonfruit makes this drink so delicious, perfect for summer to refresh and cool yourself. 
Get the recipe here.

16. Limoncello Prosecco With Blueberries And Thyme

 Limoncello Prosecco With Blueberries And Thyme

Limoncello prosecco cocktail is tasty, perfect for any summer celebration. With blueberries, thyme and the right amount of sparkling lemony goodness create an amazing drink, cheers!
Get the recipe here.

15. Peach Rosé Sangria

Peach Rosé Sangria

This peach rose sangria is quick to prepare with a few simple ingredients and a perfect cocktail for a part or busy hot days. 
Get the recipe here.

14. Lime Gin & Tonic with Fresh Cilantro

Lime Gin & Tonic with Fresh Cilantro

Lime gin and tonic with fresh cilantro is a refreshing, cool and delicious summer drink idea for everyone at any parties or occasion. 
Get the recipe here.

13. Coconut Cream Blue Raspberry Slushie

Coconut Cream Blue Raspberry Slushie

Coconut cream blue with raspberry slushie is great to taste, loaded with fresh juicy raspberries, get coconut flavor, and one of the perfect summer drink recipes that you will love. 
Get the recipe here.

12. Cucumber Lime Agua Fresca 

Cucumber Lime Agua Fresca

Adding cucumber, lime makes that Cucumber Lime Agua Fresca drink amazing. It has got to be the most refreshing and satisfying beverage I have ever had. Must try! 
Get the recipe here.

11. Strawberry Tequila

Strawberry Tequila as Summer Drink

One of my favorite rum cocktails is this homemade strawberry daiquiri in summer. Here you can get how to make two types of daiquiri recipes like frozen and shaken strawberry daiquiri recipes. Both of them are really easy to make and you can make it within 2-3 minutes.
Get the recipe here.

10. Spicy Mango Jalapeño Margarita

Spicy Mango Jalapeño Margarita

Mango, jalapeno, and any alcohol create an incredible spicy juicy sweet flavor beverage that is great for the summer season. 
Get the recipe here.

9. Creamy Coconut Lime Mojito

Creamy Coconut Lime Mojito

Need tropical fun this summer? Make this creamy coconut lime mojito recipe and serve with ice cubes and mint. This sweet-tangy creamy refreshing drink is great to taste and keeps everyone coming back for seconds.
Get the recipe here.

8. Cherry Lemonade

Cherry Lemonade

Cheery lemonade is delightful and delicious that loaded with fresh cheery, sparkling water. It’s a perfect drink for a hot day and makes an impressive party drink for all.
Get the recipe here.

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7. Basil Peach Ice Tea

Basil Peach Ice Tea for Summer

Basil peach ice tea is one of my favorite summer drink recipes that are great for beaches or summer holidays. 
Get the recipe here.

6. Virgin Mojito Recipe

Virgin Mojito Recipe

Virgin mojito is the easy and best mojito that children and adults alike can eat in the hot summer. This non-alcoholic mojito made with lemon and mint is a favorite drink of all. You can use simple syrup, and with sprite this classic mojito is perfect for party drinks, check out here how to make it at home. 
Get the recipe here.

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5. Tropical Cranberry Sangria

Tropical Cranberry Sangria

Tropical cranberry sangria is packed with Mija Sangria, orange juice, and fresh cranberry juice. So tasty, juicy, delicious, and perfect drink that going on all the summer days. 
Get the recipe here.

4. Iced Green Tea with Mint

Iced Green Tea with Mint

Ice tea is a perfect summer drink, try this Iced Green Tea with Mint at home. This tea is super easy to make with few simple ingredients.  
Get the recipe here.

3. Lemony Berry Prosecco Cocktail

Lemony Berry Prosecco Cocktail

If you are slow to finish drinks and spend some time with your family or friends on that hot summer. Try this Lemony Berry Prosecco Cocktail at home!  
Get the recipe here.

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2. Banana Smoothie Recipe

Banana Smoothie Recipe

Healthy easy banana smoothie is so creamy, tasty, and easy to make at home. For breakfast, it is best and is a vegan, keto, and protein healthy drink that can good for your health. Make with yogurt, banana, milk, and other simple ingredients. For tasty flavor, you can add strawberry, blueberry, peanut butter, chocolate, coffee, pineapple, orange, etc. Try now!
Get the recipe here.

1. Raspberry Mojito Recipe

Raspberry Mojito Recipe

If you love mojito, must try this raspberry mojito recipe during this hot summer. So tasty, easy to make, and is the perfect drink for summer sipping, serve a crowd!
Get the recipe here.

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