Fruit Cupcakes

21 Amazing Fruit Cupcakes For Any Holidays!

We love cupcakes for various reasons. One of the most interesting reasons to prefer cupcakes is because of their size. These small cakes are perfect for little hands. Some love the topping of the cupcakes and would love to experiment with different colors, shapes, flavors, and sprinkles. Boys may prefer action figures while the girls may prefer dolls as their cupcake toppings. Some like to experiment with the ingredients and experiment by adding nuts, and Choco chips, and sometimes even prefer fillings like jam, preserved berries, and cream. Here are 21 quick, easy, and “fun to make” fruit cupcakes that you can whip for your kids or even better, bake along with them. Each recipe makes 12 to 18 cupcakes approximately.

21. Lime Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting

Lime Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting

These Raspberry Lime Cupcakes are so pretty and have such a fun flavor combo. They start with moist vanilla cupcakes with a fresh hint of lime, then they’re frosted with raspberry buttercream made from fresh berries. You can refrigerate cake batter between batches if you are making more layers or cupcakes than you have pans for and need to reuse your pans, but this done only during the baking and cooling process. Cakes may not rise well or bake the same way if batter is stored overnight or longer.
Get the recipe here.

20. Cherry Chip Cupcakes

 Cherry Chip Cupcakes

These are cherry chip cupcakes from scratch with maraschino cherries and cherry juice mixed into the pink cake and maraschino cherry juice whipped into pink buttercream frosting. Makes 2 dozen cupcakes. These fruit cupcakes are perfect as a summer treat, Valentine’s Day sweet, for baby showers, holiday parties, and birthdays.

They have a sweet cherry flavor and they’re one of my favorite cupcake flavors. I always loved Betty Crocker’s cherry chip cake mix, but they discontinued selling it in my area. I had to come up with my own homemade version and they’re absolutely delicious!

These are also called maraschino cherry cupcakes, cherry cupcakes, cherry almond cupcakes, and so on. They go by many names but have the same great ingredients and flavor.
Get the recipe here.

19. Strawberry Filled Cupcakes

 Strawberry Filled Cupcakes

Strawberry-filled cupcakes are soft, delicate white cupcakes with fresh strawberry filling and whipped buttercream frosting. A crowd-favorite cupcake recipe. You’re going to love my recipe for strawberry-filled cupcakes.

These fruit cupcakes are soft and delicate, made with egg whites for a light texture and pale color. The homemade fresh strawberry filling is easy to make and takes only a few ingredients. I like to top these cupcakes with my reader’s favorite whipped buttercream frosting. A sweet buttercream frosting that’s whipped until light and fluffy.

These cupcakes would also be fantastic topped with stabilized whipped cream. Serve these strawberry-filled cupcakes for Valentine’s Day, spring or summer picnic, or your next birthday party.
Get the recipe here.

18. Frosted Berry Cupcakes with Mascarpone Frosting

 Frosted Berry Cupcakes with Mascarpone Frosting

Frosted Berry Cupcakes with an Orange Mascarpone Buttercream feature a fluffy orange cake topped with a luscious frosting, and sugared fruit. Fruit Cupcakes are always a fun dessert to make, and these frosted berry cupcakes with an orange mascarpone buttercream are no exception!

They’re perfect for summer parties or cookouts, but also work over the holidays too! The cupcakes are light and fluffy with a hint of orange flavor. The orange mascarpone buttercream frosting is creamy, tangy, and topped up with the frosted berries.

The recipe is simple enough that even beginner cooks can make them. Plus, the bright colors of the berries will add a festive touch to any gathering.
Get the recipe here.

17. Yummy Fruity Pebbles Cupcake Recipe

Yummy Fruity Pebbles Cupcake Recipe

Funfetti cupcakes topped with a vanilla buttercream frosting and sprinkled with colorful Fruity Pebbles – perfect for kids and grown-ups! I didn’t make these fruit cupcakes for any occasion.

I was just sitting at home one day and had a huge hankering for cupcakes. And since Fruity Pebbles is my absolute FAVORITE childhood cereal, I just had to sprinkle some on. I’ll be honest though – I only bought the cereal as a topping, not for cereal-eating purposes.

But the next time I reached into the box, 75% of it was gone. Apparently, Jason still loves his Fruity Pebbles at 27! But I much prefer them in cupcake form, especially for breakfast!
Get the recipe here.

16. White Chocolate Blueberry Cupcakes

White Chocolate Blueberry Cupcakes

Stunning and delicious, these White Chocolate Blueberry Cupcakes are a must-bake for blueberry lovers! Topped with white chocolate buttercream and fresh blueberry sauce. The perfect Summer Cupcake!

I’m curious: Do you have a favorite berry? I honestly love them all, but if I had to pick, I think it would be blueberries. Especially for baking! They can easily be incorporated into a variety of recipes (hello pancakes, muffins, and pie) and I love how sweet and juicy they become after a quick stint in the oven.

That means you’re going to be seeing a lot more luscious white chocolate recipes around here! I’m thinking white chocolate raspberry fudge, white chocolate lemon brownies, and of course: White chocolate and blueberry cupcakes!
Get the recipe here.

15. Lemon and Elderflower Cupcakes

 Lemon and Elderflower Cupcakes

These Lemon and Elderflower Cupcakes are a nod to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding last year! Their wedding featured a lemon and elderflower cake. After trying this combination, I was absolutely hooked and knew I needed to make them into a cupcake version.

These cute little cupcakes feature lemon-flavored cupcakes, which are colored a delightful and bright in flavor, alongside an elderflower Swiss meringue buttercream!

The pairing of the bright citrusy lemon flavors with the sweet floral notes of the elderflower is absolutely wonderful. Delightfully sweet while remaining bright and flavorful!
Get the recipe here.

14. Passionfruit Coconut Cupcakes

 Passionfruit Coconut Cupcakes

These Passionfruit Coconut Cupcakes start with an easy coconut cupcake recipe, that’s filled with passionfruit curd and topped with coconut buttercream. Total tropical vibes. Hot on the heels of the Homemade Passionfruit Curd recipes comes these gorgeous Passionfruit Coconut Cupcakes.

These are like a little passionfruit pavlova and coconut cupcake combined. I just love these tropical flavors. All bright and summery, they have me dreaming up tropical holidays and cocktails by the pool.

The passionfruit curd used in these cupcakes is the same one I used for my Passionfruit Tart and it’s extremely easy to make.
Get the recipe here.

13. Pineapple Cupcakes

Pineapple Cupcakes

These pineapple cupcakes are moist, buttery, and loaded with the flavor of fresh pineapple. They are paired perfectly with pineapple buttercream frosting as a tropical treat. I am a huge fan of fruit cupcakes – if you have been reading along with this blog for any length of time, this is hardly a newsflash.

I want fruit in all my desserts. It’s an obsession that I can’t control. While I love all fruits, there is something particularly addictive about pineapple. It is juicy, refreshing, bursting with flavor, and tastes like vacation. When I first came up with my pineapple cupcakes recipe, I made batch after batch to develop the best recipe possible.

I had seen the recipes for cupcakes that call for store-bought box cake mix and a can of crushed pineapple. It’s probably delicious, but you know how we do it here. We bake from scratch.
Get the recipe here.

12. SIMPLE Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

SIMPLE Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

With the sweet citrus of orange and simple vanilla frosting, these orange creamsicle cupcakes will bring a smile to your face. My boys love baking and making cupcakes is one of the easiest ways to get acquainted with the kitchen.

If you want to start a little smaller with your little ones, check out these no-bake marshmallow cereal clusters. This recipe uses fresh oranges and I don’t know about you, but to me, few things smell better than that!
Get the recipe here.

11. Triple Berry Cupcakes

Triple Berry Cupcakes

Triple Berry Cupcakes feature a fluffy delicious cake topped with luscious frosting and berries. Cupcakes are always a fun dessert to make, and these berry cupcakes are no exception! They’re perfect for summer parties or cookouts, but also work over the holidays too!

The cupcakes are light and fluffy with a hint of berry flavor. The berry buttercream frosting is creamy, tangy, and topped up with the frosted berries. The recipe is simple enough that even beginner cooks can make them.

Plus, the bright colors of the berries will add a festive touch to any gathering.
Get the recipe here.

10. Peach Cobbler Cupcakes

 Peach Cobbler Cupcakes

These Peach Cobbler Cupcakes are a fun twist on the classic southern dessert. The fruit cupcakes are full of cinnamon and peaches and topped with homemade whipped cream! And speaking of the Peach Cobbler Cupcakes, let’s talk about them a little bit.

I gathered all my favorite ALDI baking products to put these together. Even, I used a modified version of my favorite vanilla cupcake. Also, I reduced the milk a little to have a little bit thicker batter.

Even, though I tend to think of cobbler as being a little bit of a thicker cake, plus I wanted to offset some of the moisture from the peaches and make sure they didn’t all sink to the bottom.
Get the recipe here.

9. Pomegranate Cupcakes

 Pomegranate Cupcakes

The best white cupcake with tangy, creamy pomegranate buttercream makes these pomegranate cupcakes perfect for a special occasion. I’m going through one of my fruit obsessions right now. I’m all about the pomegranates.

I’ve been enjoying them plain, in smoothies, and, of course, I had to make a dessert of out them. The little red jewels add so much color this time of year when everything is drab and brown (Although we finally did get some snow to brighten things up).

So I had fun editing some pretty cupcake pictures that evening (Eating one would have been even better, but they were long gone!). Since I make so many dessert recipes for the blog, I rarely eat more than one piece of anything before gladly giving them away.

However, this time I didn’t feel one bit guilty for eating almost the entire batch of these pomegranate cupcakes myself.
Get the recipe here.

8. Lemon and Passion Fruit Cupcakes

 Lemon and Passion Fruit Cupcakes

These Lemon and Passion Fruit Cupcakes are light, delicate, and pack a real flavor punch. Tender lemon cupcakes, with Passion Fruit Coulis inside the cake and on top of the frosting – these are the perfect fruit cupcake recipes to welcome Spring!

Ever make a recipe and just know it’s going to be a hit? I got that with these Lemon and Passion Fruit Cupcakes – I bit into one and was like “OHMYGOD” then OH came home, tried one, and was like “OHMYGOD!!!!!!!”. There’s the zest of a whole lemon in the cupcakes and they’re based on my eternal favorite Vanilla Cupcakes.

I put around 1tbsp of batter into each cupcake case, then put 1/2tbsp of Passion Fruit Coulis on top, before topping that with more cake Batter. I used Passion Fruit Coulis because I find you don’t get much out of a Passion Fruit. I’ve baked with them in the past and you end up needing so many of the things to get the right flavor!
Get the recipe here.

7. Dragon Fruit Buttercream Frosting

 Dragon Fruit Buttercream Frosting

Slightly floral and lightly citrusy, with beautiful specks of black seeds, this Dragon Fruit Buttercream Frosting pairs perfectly with my favorite moist chocolate cupcakes recipe to make an interesting, tasty dessert.

Interesting frostings are so much fun and a great way to put a personal stamp on your treats! Some of our other favorites are Lemon Buttercream Frosting, Light & Fluffy Oreo Frosting (aka Cookies & Cream Frosting), and Guava Frosting.

These cupcakes are as delicious as they are pretty, and you really can taste the dragon fruit in the dragon fruit buttercream frosting that I paired with my best-ever moist chocolate cupcakes recipe.
Get the recipe here.

6. Watermelon Cupcakes

 Watermelon Cupcakes

Make these fun summer watermelon cupcakes! Bright green cupcakes with buttercream frosting that tastes like watermelon! Add mini chocolate chips for the watermelon seeds!

Serve these cupcakes at a one-in-melon-themed party! You can take any flavor of powdered kool-aid and add it to buttercream and voila – now you have buttercream frosting that tastes like watermelon, mango, pink lemonade, kiwi-lime! The flavors seem endless!

Plus it’s such a fun way to jazz up cupcakes for a birthday party. These Watermelon Cupcakes would be so fun to serve at a summer birthday party or a “one in a melon” themed party! 
Get the recipe here.

5. Apple Cider Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Frosting

 Apple Cider Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Frosting

Apple Cider Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Frosting is the perfect simple dessert recipe to celebrate the fall season. Pumpkin may be the princess of the season, but let’s just take a moment to acknowledge The Queen. Oh, hayyy.  How about apples?  Seriously though.  Apples, right? Let’s make some Apple Cider Cupcakes, yo!

Vanilla cake mix, prepared – You can also use a white cake mix or your own homemade cake mix. Spiced apple cider drink mix – You can usually find this near the hot chocolate and coffee at the grocery store. 
Get the recipe here.

4. Black Forest Cupcakes

Black Forest Cupcakes

An easy small batch recipe for Black Forest Cupcakes!  5 decadent and moist chocolate cupcakes are topped with fresh cherry filling, fluffy whipped cream, chocolate shavings – and a perfect cherry on top! What makes a recipe a small batch?

I contemplated this question as I was making these Black Forest Cupcakes.  Especially when it comes to fruit cupcakes. Do we want to eat all of them in one sitting?  Or have at least one leftover to enjoy the next day?  And how many leftovers? Then as quickly as I questioned this, I decided there is no perfect answer. 

It’s all about the recipe and where that sweet spot is in the flavor.  I tested this recipe a half-dozen times to get either 4 or 6 cupcakes – and none turned out as delicious as this recipe for 5 cupcakes.
Get the recipe here.

3. Fluffernutter Cupcakes

Fluffernutter Cupcakes

If you grew up on this classic sandwich of peanut butter and fluff you are going to love these peanut butter cupcakes with marshmallow frosting and so will everyone who knows you!

Peanut butter cupcakes filled with a peanut butter mousse and topped with a toasted marshmallow meringue frosting! So growing up, one of my favorite go-to sandwiches was a fluffernutter. So perhaps it should have been a no-brainer that I ended up moving as an adult to where fluff was born.

I think it was also fated that I make this cupcake. My inner child did a serious happy dance when I bit into this cupcake. 
Get the recipe here.

2. Lemon Coconut Cupcakes

Lemon Coconut Cupcakes

Lemon Coconut Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting are a delectable treat packed with the freshest lemon flavor! Bake a dozen and then share this lemon cupcakes recipe with your friends and family. Today, I’m sharing these Lemon Coconut Cupcakes with homemade lemon frosting to celebrate the anticipated arrival of my friend Lindsay‘s twins!

Lindsay creates the most delectable fruit cupcakes at Life, Love, and Sugar. If you love sweet treats then you will absolutely love Lindsay’s collection of recipes. Her cupcake and cake recipes are often the inspiration for digging out some flour and sugar to make desserts in my own kitchen. Congratulations, Lindsay!
Get the recipe here.

1. Kiwi Cupcakes

Kiwi Cupcakes

You might have noticed that there has been an explosion of cupcake recipes lately. And it all started with easy oreo Cupcakes. I never came out and said this but, I had a fear of frosting cupcakes.

Not like an ‘I think the cupcake is going to bite my hand off’ fear. Like an ‘I don’t know how to pipe frosting and it looks scary, what if I mess it up’ kind of fear. When I would look at my friend’s blogs, I would just stare at their cupcake photos, thinking ‘That is SO gorgeous… but how do they do that?!’

I’ve even told my friend Lindsay from Life, Love & Sugar that I would be the first person to sign up if she started offering a class on how to make cupcakes and cakes.
Get the recipe here.

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Q. Can you put fruit in the cupcake mix?
Yes, you can put frozen fruit or flour coating fruits in the cake mixture. If you love adding fruits to the cake mixture, then you can do it. Adding fruits makes the cakes so flavorful. Also, you can make the cake without adding fruits to the cake mixture too.

Q. What are the 10 most popular cupcake flavors?
You can try Strawberry, lemon, vanilla, berries, chocolate, banana, coffee, peanut butter, carrot, and blueberry flavor which is so good for cupcakes.

Q. What makes the perfect cupcake?
The measurement of all cake ingredients makes the perfect cake. The perfect consistently dry and liquid ingredients require perfect balance to make the batter of the cakes.

Q. What is a cupcake without frosting called?
It’s called Muffins. Only the difference between the cupcakes and the muffins is using frosting. Although the muffins don’t feature frosting cupcakes have flavorful and beautiful cream frosting makes them delicious.

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