Single Mothers Struggle, Addiction & How To Deal With Them!

Single Mothers And Addiction: What Is The Recovery

On the occasion of women’s day, let us throw some light on the fact that single mothers struggle and are more prone to addiction. Here I discuss the problem and solution of single mothers. or as you say single mothers struggle or Single Mothers And Addiction.

Just imagine the level of stress for any single parent! Especially a mother who is already receiving a lot of backlash from society and trying their best to give their child the best life that they can.

Yes, if you haven’t been in those shoes, you cannot imagine. This is why when they experiment through the euphoria or escapism of drugs and alcohol, because of all the stress, their body automatically gets dependent on it. Single mothers are at greater risk than their peers!

Factors include high-stress levels and limited relief from raising children alone. No one shares with them the burden of supporting their families. This includes financial, emotional, and family areas. As a result, challenges can sometimes become overwhelming. The dependency cannot stop at the top of the chain, i.e., with the mother! 

What starts with the mother can now spread throughout the family, especially among the offspring. There are many variables to consider! Some mothers may have abused psychological substances right before or during their pregnancy. Others may have continued to use it during and after pregnancy. This behavior endangers their children and can even pass to them.

Pregnant women who use drugs, including tobacco and alcohol, can pass these drugs on to their developing fetuses and harm them. There is an excellent medical alcohol detoxification facility that can help single mothers through the process of addiction recovery.

Why Single Mothers Get Addicted To Drugs & Alcohol

When it comes to single mothers struggle who are dealing with a lot of troubles in their life, getting addicted to something easily the moment they get a taste is not that uncommon.

1. Overload Of Stress

Overload Of Stress of a single mother

Alcohol or drug addiction can catch a greater grip with parents without spouses. There is no one to help care for their children, and they have a lot of stress on their plate. Sometimes the responsibilities could be so overwhelming that addiction seems like the only relief.
But, what they don’t understand is that- Drugs and alcohol will only give them temporary relief, which will eventually lead to a greater build-up of stress. 

2. They Have A Family History

Family history is one of the greatest risk factors for addiction. This means that anyone with a family member who develops a substance abuse problem is at increased risk of developing their own substance abuse problem.

Thus, when someone is dealing with single motherhood, they are more likely to fall to the path of something which they have already seen once.

3. Financial Troubles

Financial Troubles of a single mother

The stress of not being able to afford something increases stress, & We have already discussed how stress can be a crucial risk factor for substance abuse and relapse after treatment among single mothers. 
This is because they are always worried about how to provide themselves with shelter, food, and other basic needs causing greater stress.

4. Troubled Mental Health Issues

Troubled Mental Health Issues of Single Mom

If mental health problems are not treated among single mothers, the increased responsibilities of motherhood could worsen their mental health. As a result, substance abuse problems are usually inevitable & as alcohol and substance abuse increase, so do mental health problems. Concurrent substance abuse and mental health problems are more common among single mothers than most people are aware of.

5. Societal Backlash

Most single mothers struggle and report feeling lonely, helpless, hopeless, lacking in identity, and lacking confidence.

In the social realm, most single mothers try to avoid social gatherings and have changed their dressing styles due to depression, and they have developed poor eating habits.

How To Cope With The Stress Of Single Motherhood

These are some of the best coping mechanisms, as told by experts. Rumor has it; they can help you get rid of some of the problems that can help addiction.

1. Get Your Child Into Childcare

Get Your Child Into Childcare
  • If your treatment recovery schedule does not allow your child, then attend daytime sessions when your child is at school or at nursery, or at lunchtime. 
  • If you can’t find consistent, affordable child care, you can look for rehabilitation programs that offer child care.

These are providers who will allow your child to make an appointment with you. If all else fails, ask for help from personal friends and family.

2. Calculate The Unexpected

  • Children get sick!
  • Your job can go wrong!
  • The car breaks down!
  • So many unexpected situations which you have to deal with.
  • The changes are constant, but nothing should prevent you from taking care of yourself. 

Therefore, make a backup plan for every plan. For example, you can have a babysitter to call if your child gets sick, a preliminary meeting to attend if you need to have lunch, and a bus pass if you are having some car troubles.

3. Start Therapy

Start Therapy

Therapy is the best way to destress and to understand the different kinds of triggers and mental health issues that you could be dealing with.

For example, you are under a lot of stress because of your child’s school. If you do not find the appropriate solution to all your problems, you will at least need someone to talk about it. This will also help you take care of your mental health.

4. Have Time For Yourself

Yes, motherhood is a big part of your life! However, it doesn’t have to completely consume you. 

You can have some time to yourself when it comes to self-care and just relaxing from the never-ending stresses of being a single parent.
They sometimes take time out to cook good recipes and just detox from everything.

5. Seek For Treatment

If you’re a single parent and find yourself not being able to get out of the clutches of alcohol and drugs, you definitely need to find a cure for your addiction. 

This will allow you to create a successful and better life not only for yourself but also for your children.

So seek the right treatment while there is time because the little kid is completely dependent on you.

Ask For Help!

We have read somewhere that it takes an entire village to take care of a child, and you are just one person! So, give yourself some credit and do not feel shy of taking the right help. Surely you have loved ones who would be more than happy to help.

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