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21 Delicious Ham Recipes That You Need To Try!

First things first: you should know how to cook a ham. Don’t worry—it’s easy! You can choose from Ree’s root-beer glazed ham, a slow cooker ham, or other classic ham recipes to make for your holiday meal. Then, use the leftovers to make something new and exciting! Whether it’s a comforting soup recipe, a leftover ham sandwich, or a weeknight pasta dinner—with so many easy ways to use leftover ham, you won’t have to worry about cooking up another big meal any time soon. 

21. Ham and Cheese Puffs

Ham and Cheese Puffs

These mini two-bite Ham and Cheese Puffs will be devoured whether they’re served as an appetizer, for brunch, or casual game-day snacks. Snack food like these puffs is ideal for a host of events.  Everything from movie night with the family to holiday breakfasts and tea parties with friends. Sweet corn and crab puffs are another example of a bite-size goodie to make year-round. A variety of small bites can be made in mini muffin pans, so they’re worth the investment.
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20. Ham Breakfast Hash

Ham Breakfast Hash

Ham Breakfast Hash is the perfect use for any leftover ham from your holiday meal. In this case, we’re using smoked ham. Dice it up and add to this amazing pork hash dish. Add leeks and the lush crispy potatoes and you have a true crowd-pleaser. Ham is definitely a classic for many folks Easter and Christmas dinner, but it can often result in lots of leftovers. Let’s be honest, when you’ve had your 8th ham sandwich it’s time to change things up.
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19. Ham & Cheese Pinwheels

Ham & Cheese Pinwheels

While I’d be flattered if you assumed that my go-to appetizer is a beautifully styled combination of bespoke produce, a homemade fancy sauce, and some kind of European cured meat, let me tell you a little secret: it’s actually these four-ingredient Ham and Cheese Pinwheels. Yes, that is correct. This full-time food blogger’s #1 party appetizer is a combination of deli meat, cheese, mustard, and puff pastry that I buy in the freezer section of the grocery store.
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This flaky and buttery Ham Pot Pie has the same idea as Chicken Pot Pie, but it’s just as delicious. A creamy filling with ham and vegetables served piping hot with a buttery and flaky topping is a dinner that your whole family will enjoy. So we’ve all had the infamous chicken pot pie, yes? Creamy white sauce, ham, and veggies, all wrapped up cozy like with the pie pastry shell. It’s one of the most famous comfort foods around. And what makes it even better? Well, this spectacular dish is made using leftover pieces of ham.
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Making this chicken, ham, and leek pie from scratch feels like an accomplishment, but it’s not that hard. This hot water crust pastry is forgiving, too – easy to roll and move around. There’s a lot going on in the pie, so serve it simply with boiled new potatoes or mash and a salad. It’s one of my best ham recipes and I am sure you will love it too. 
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16. Ham & Cheese Braid

Ham & Cheese Braid

Ham & Cheese Braid – Only 4 ingredients! Great way to use up leftover holiday ham. Crescent rolls, ham, cheddar cheese, and honey mustard dressing. Ready in under 30 minutes. Everyone LOVES this easy stuffed bread recipe!! This Ham & Cheese Braid is a favorite at our house. It is super easy to make with only 4 ingredients and tastes great! It is like a hot ham and cheese sandwich – only better! This will be one of the best ham recipes to make if you have any leftover holiday ham in the house.
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15. Smothered Cabbage with Ham

Smothered Cabbage with Ham

Use up your leftover ham in this comforting one-pot dish made with cabbage and potatoes. The simple flavors get brightened at the end with a splash of cider vinegar. Serve alongside roast chicken or pork. I find it is very easy to cut most recipes in half, especially things like this. It’s not like baking where your measurements need to be exact and precise.  When you are talking about things like vegetables, it is a very simple matter.
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14. Ham Tetrazzini

 Ham Tetrazzini

Ham Tetrazzini is rich, creamy, and cheesy with lots of cubed ham and a few mushrooms and peas. This is an easy, filling family meal that is great for using up leftover Thanksgiving or Easter ham. It’s practically a one pan meal. You just need a pan plus a pot to cook the pasta in. Tetrazzini is one of my very favorite things for leftover ham recipes to cook for dinner. What’s not to like about pasta, meat, and cheese? If you have leftover turkey, try this Turkey Tetrazzini. It’s made from scratch, without canned soup, and it is so delicious.
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13. Crockpot Spiral Ham

Crockpot Spiral Ham

Our Crockpot Spiral Ham is the perfect mix of sweet & salty! This ham is so tender and juicy since it cooks in the crockpot and it’s super easy too! Serve this up at your next holiday dinner for a special treat. Anyway, my family and I absolutely LOVE this crockpot spiral ham with a simple honey and brown sugar glaze. It’s so juicy and tender, thanks to cooking the slow cooker!
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12. Macaroni & Cheese Ham Casserole

Macaroni & Cheese Ham Casserole

Everyone will love this Macaroni and Cheese Ham Casserole. Easy to make, creamy, cheesy, and filled with chunks of ham and shredded cheese. This semi-homemade macaroni and cheese with ham are one of the best family favorite dinner ham recipes! I’ve made this macaroni & cheese ham casserole three times in the last two weeks. Not even joking… If you’re anything like me then you will make something over and over again if the kids actually eat it willingly, with no whining. 
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11. Baked Ham Penne Pasta

Baked Ham Penne Pasta

Baked Ham Penne Pasta is a family favorite for any night of the week. Penne pasta, savory ham, and a rich and creamy garlic – cheese sauce is a hearty and delicious meal perfect for leftover ham! This casserole is one of those ham recipes that is gone in a flash when dinner time rolls around. It is the kind of dish that you make again and again. We could eat pasta every day of the week and really it doesn’t get any easier than a pasta dinner and the flavor combinations are endless.
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10. Ham and Cheese Quiche

Ham and Cheese Quiche

Ham and Cheese Quiche is one of the tastiest and easiest ham recipes! To keep things as simple as possible, we’re starting with a store-bought pie crust and loading it up with an easy mixture of cubed ham, cheese, and eggs. This quiche recipe is super simple to adapt to your personal preference– use your favorite cheeses, meat, or play around with different seasonings. Ham and Cheese Quiche can be prepared ahead of time, assembled in fifteen minutes or less, and leftovers store well. 
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9. Brown Sugar Mustard Glazed Ham

Brown Sugar Mustard Glazed Ham

This Glazed Ham Recipe is simply the best! Made with brown sugar, mustard, pineapple, and honey, this glaze makes an addictive and moist ham every time. It will be the star of your holiday dinner! In my opinion, glazed ham is good enough to serve all year long, but these ham recipes are especially perfect for Christmas dinner or Easter. Serve it with Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Cheddar Spoonbread, or these Best Glazed Carrots. 
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8. Cheesy Ham & Rice Casserole

 Cheesy Ham & Rice Casserole

The third of the ham dinners, this casserole is a variation of the Cheesy Chicken Rice Casserole, with more focus on making a sauce. In the original, the chicken was partially cooked in the casserole, and the sauce formed from sour cream and the juices from the chicken as it finished cooking in the oven. It never fails. But I wanted something more reminiscent of a scalloped potato dish, so I did make a white sauce, to which I added a little cheddar cheese. Jasmine rice, carrots, and peas rounded out the flavors that I felt would compliment the smoky ham.
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7. Ham Steaks with Pineapple Sauce

Ham Steaks with Pineapple Sauce

Ham steaks with pineapple sauce are one of the easiest, budget friendly meal prep recipes you are going to find. This is one of my family’s favorite easy ham recipes! This tasty ham steaks recipe is so good that you won’t even feel like you are eating on a budget! Made with ham steaks and a delicious pineapple sauce (made with pineapple and apricot preserves) poured on top the whole family is going to love this easy ham steaks recipe!
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6. Easy Ham and Swiss Stromboli

Easy Ham and Swiss Stromboli

Easy Ham and Swiss Stromboli can be anything you want it to be! Breakfast? Yes. Brunch? You bet. Dinner? Of course! This meal is a triple threat. It’s easy enough to be a side dish. But so good it will be the star of the table. One of our favorite things to make is this Quick and Easy Stromboli for dinner.  We also love this BBQ Chicken Stromboli. They are so easy to make and always a hit!
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5. Baked Ham with Raspberry Chipotle Ham Glaze

Baked Ham with Raspberry Chipotle Ham Glaze

This is one of my favorite baked ham recipes! It’s so easy to put together, and the Raspberry Chipotle Ham Glaze (made with raspberry preserves) is the perfect combo of sweet and tart, with a bit of a smokey kick from the chipotle. It not only makes a super juicy, tender ham, but the leftovers are AMAZING when added to soup or a pot of beans. 
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4. Instant Pot Ham Green Beans And Potatoes

 Instant Pot Ham Green Beans And Potatoes

Instant Pot Green Beans and Potatoes is a favorite Instant Pot side dish recipe made with fresh green beans, new potatoes, and diced ham. Green Beans and potatoes cooked with ham or bacon in the Instant Pot are melted in your mouth tender and packed full of the flavor of ham or bacon. I don’t think I could ever eat fresh greens any other way. Instant Pot recipes use fresh vegetable seals in all the flavors and nutrients in the enclosed environment of the Instant Pot.
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3. Ham and Pea Salad

Ham and Pea Salad

Ham and Pea Salad are one of the perfect ham recipes to serve to use up your leftover ham as it combines peas, ham, bacon, cheese, onion, and ranch to create a creamy salad the whole family will love. You will love how quickly this salad comes together, the crisp crunchy texture, and the flavor that is out of this world. It is the perfect salad to create with your leftover Instant Pot Ham the night before you want to enjoy it.
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2. Bourbon Orange Glazed Ham

Bourbon Orange Glazed Ham

No more boring, flavorless hams for you… this bourbon, mustard, and orange glazed ham is amazingly flavorful, beautifully marbled, and has a sticky glaze that is out of this world! This type of ham has a dark color, firm texture, and a naturally deep delicious flavor.  One bite of this ham and you’ll be able to tell what all the fuss is about! It’s one of my best ham recipes and it’s just so delicious that once you get a taste of it you will want to make it often. 
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1. Ham and Cheese Pull-Apart Biscuits Recipe

Ham and Cheese Pull-Apart Biscuits Recipe

Have leftover ham? This Ham and Cheese Pull-Apart Biscuits Recipe is a great way to use it up for breakfast or dinner! This easy recipe needs only 6 ingredients and is ready to bake in just 15 minutes. We love easy ham recipes and I know you all do too. And this Ham and Cheese Pull-Apart Biscuits recipe are one of the easiest around. It’s also versatile, which we think makes it even better.
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