How To Get Rid of Calluses On Feet

It is often seen that there is a pain in the soles of the feet while walking or doing any work. Hard thick skin is seen as the cause of pain in the soles of the feet. Many of us do not pay attention to this issue and as a result, we face many kinds of skin related problems in the future. So today we will find out how to get rid of this kind of hard skin or calluses through some home remedies and some other remedies even at low cost. So let’s get started.

What is Calluses? Why is it? 

First of all, what are calluses? Calluses are a type of skin disease that usually affects the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet. In most people, it is usually found on the feet. It is also called corn. In some cases it is painless and in others, it is very painful. It is often seen that it causes bleeding due to negligence. There are many reasons why this happens. The disease is seen in people with rough skin (dry skin) and people who have diabetes, as well as women who like to wear high heels or who walk barefoot in dry uneven places and who do not take good care of their hands and feet every day Also those whose feet are not well shaped and do not wear shoes of the right size this problem is mainly seen in their case.

What are the symptoms of this disease?

The symptoms of this disease are a thick, thick ball-like skin on the soles of the feet. These can be seen in different colors, some are light yellow, some are white and some are light red. It is also seen on the soles of the feet and often on the ankles. Many times the pain causes swelling of the soles of the feet and ankles and bleeding.

How to get rid of and prevent calluses on feet?

We all know that calluses or corns are very painful and look very bad. Many people think that it will never be cured and many people ignore it. But today I have brought to you some important and useful tips that you can use every day. for those who are suffering from this problem for a long time, you can treat it at home at low cost with some easily available home remedy and some other methods so, let’s find out what that the method is.

Important Information:-

It is for those who are diabetic or have any other skin problems. People with diabetes should consult a doctor before using any medicine. You have to use the medicine only prescribed by the doctor. However, they can use small household tips such as dipping the feet in warm water and cleaning them well, they can do pedicure, manicure, and foot massage.
(Diabetic patients should not use pumice stone before Consult with a doctor).

Let’s start with some useful home remedies:-

1. Lemon and Baking Soda

Lemon and Baking Soda to get rid of calluses

Cut a lemon in half, mix baking soda in it and rub it well on the layer of thick skin. Lemon juice exfoliates and smoothes the skin. Then clean the corns with a foot file or emery board. Then wash your feet thoroughly and use a salicylic lotion, cream, or moisturizer. Lotion with salicylic acid keeps skin soft and supple. (you can also use Vaseline). Do this at night before going to bed or before bathing. You will get good results and using it daily you will get rid of calluses on your feet.

2. Socks and Well-fitted Shoes

Socks and Well-fitted Shoes

People who don’t wear shoes the size of their feet have problems like calluses and corns on their feet. So, first of all, wear good brand shoes in the right size and socks with them. Don’t wear hard shoes. Wear soft padded shoes. Also, use corn cups when wearing shoes if corn problems are more. Also, those who have foot problems (shape) should use doctor prescribed medicine. Doing so will get rid of calluses.

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3. Warm Water with Shampoo

Warm Water with Shampoo

This is also a great remedy. In a large pot, take some hot water and mix it well with a little shampoo and soak your feet in that water for half an hour. The shampoo will make the skin of the feet soft and supple. Then rub the pumice stone or a thick piece of cotton cloth where there are calluses so that the dead skin becomes soft and removed. Then you can apply moisturizer or coconut oil or olive oil on your feet and wear thin cotton socks. Also, if you always wear soft slippers at home, you will get rid of calluses.

4. Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt to get rid of calluses

It contains magnesium sulfate and it helps to remove calluses. If you want to relax after washing your hands and feet after work, it is a good idea to use this Epsom salt. Spread a clean cloth or a piece of polythene. Now take some Epsom salt with it Add a little water and a very small amount of apple cider vinegar to make a foot scrubber. Then apply it to the affected area and massage gently. (Cover the feet with the cloth or polythene for a while then remove the dead skin on the top with a foot file or emery board). Then wash your feet thoroughly with warm water and apply soft cream lotion. Doing so will get rid of calluses.

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5. Friction or Pressure

Another cause of calluses is excessive friction or pressure in the same area. This type of problem has been observed in people who wear stiff sole shoes and extra tight shoes. Continuous pressure causes the surface of that area (the soles of the feet) to become rough and hard and calluses are formed in the shape of balls. In this case, when wearing shoes or socks, wear soft cotton sponge callus pads (better using non-medicated) inside. This will greatly reduce the chances of direct friction and less pain. Also, avoid tight shoes and use a little talcum powder before wearing the shoes, along with proper treatment. This way you will get rid of calluses.

6. Apply Lotion on Dead Skin | Layers of Skin

Apply Lotion on Dead Skin | Layers of Skin

There are three layers of our skin, the outer layer (epidermis) keeps our skin tone. This skin has dry skin or dead skin where pressure, dirt, friction, etc. can cause problems like calluses, corn, or cracked ankles. That is why it is very important to take care of the hands and feet every day, before or after bathing and before going to sleep, the dead skin of the feet should be removed and lotion should be used. It can prevent calluses and by doing it continuously anyone can get rid of calluses.

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7. Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask

Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask

There are various foot peel masks available in the market (The best is papaya mask) which exfoliate the extra dirt through foot scrubbing and keep the skin soft. This exfoliation works very well in calluses prevention, so you can try it to prevent calluses and Gradually you will get rid ofcalluses. You can also use castor oil too it’s also very useful. 

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8. Using Aspirin on Callused Area

Using Aspirin on Callused Area

In the area of the feet where there are calluses, grind 2/3 of the aspirin tablets with a little lemon juice and rub it well with a pumice stone. Before that, soak your feet in hot water for a while so that the dead skin will be removed very smoothly. And if you try it 3-4 days a week, you will get good results, and it will help to get rid of calluses.

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9. Cut Out The Thick Skin to Prevent and Rid of calluses

Cut Out The Thick Skin to Prevent and Rid of calluses

If you want to remove calluses permanently or get rid of calluses, you have to cut out that thick skin. However, in this case, it is best to have it done by a doctor. Because if you cut something sharp while doing it by yourself, there will be bleeding and a lot of pain. Also, the area may become infected, so do not do it without consulting a doctor.

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